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Are You Ready To Write And Publish The Book Of Your Dreams, Attract Voracious Readers, And Make Money?

The Best Seller Bound Author Masterclass is a course designed to walk authors through the process of writing, publishing, marketing, and launching your book. 

This course has help many authors successfully publish their book and has been taught at universities.

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What you will learn.

Writing Strategy

How to create a writing strategy designed to keep your creativity moving forward and create a production schedule to keep you on target with your deadlines.

Also, you will learn the process that your book needs to go through in order for it to be ready for publishing.

Publishing Strategy

You will learn the steps to publish your book to several different platforms. You will also learn how to tap into an exclusivity publishing program that can put you in a bonus pool that could give you an opportunity to earn up to $25,000 in bonuses each month.

Marketing and Promotion Strategy

You will learn how identify and target your ideal reader.

The course will teach you social media marketing strategies designed to attract your readers and sell more books.

List building is such a crucial piece of marketing and one of your most valuable asset in your promotion strategy. This course will show you how to design a list building strategy that will help you grow your audience exponentially.

Advertising is another crucial component of your marketing strategy, We will share with you techniques on creating ads on Facebook and Amazon and Google.

Book Launch

Launching your book is an exciting time once your book is released. However, there is still work to be done. Kim will share with you how to do a virtual and in-person launch. She will provide tips for setting up book signings and speaking events. 

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Publish With Ease

Learn how to easily publish your books on several different platforms

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Sell More Books

Learn how tapping into your ideal audience will generate book sales. 

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Fulfill Your Author Dreams

Follow your dreams of becoming a successfully published author.

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Now Is The Time!

Book sales are climbing and people are turning to books now more than ever for education and entertainment purposes.  The book industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and there is plenty of money to be made.  

However, it takes work and that is what this course will do it will teach you the processes you need to do in order to successfully publish your book. 

You will save yourself time, money, and numerous mistakes by following this step-by-step course. 

We all have it within us to write a book. Don't deny others your gift of writing. Sign up today and start your patch to a successful author career.


Now Is The Time

Stop putting off writing your book. Make your dream of becoming a successfully published author a reality.