How to make your book stand out on Amazon

How your Amazon sales page can stand out amongst the crowd

Do you want readers to stop and look over your book's sales page? Here are some tips to make your page stand out.

  1. Great Cover
    1. Appealing
    2. Attractive and draws the eye
    3. Great Title
  2. Blurb
    1. Invoke an emotional response from the reader
    2. Entices reader to one-click your book
  3. Author Page
    1. Complete with bio
    2. Connected to the RSS feed of your blog
    3. Imagery and videos
  4. Amazon A+ Content
    1. Option available on the KDP platform
    2. Provides options to add imagery and text to help your book stand out on the sales page
    3. Increase the number of readers who one-click buy your books.
    4. You can access the A+ portal through the KDP publishing platform.

Why is it important that your book stands out?

Your sales page is flooded with other content such as also bought's and products related to your book (sponsored product ads). Adding A+ content puts your book front and center.

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